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Quality in all our products

All our processes are implemented under the concept of food safety and therefore we can guarantee the safety of all our products thanks to the implementation of a quality system based on:

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Standardized Operating Procedures (SOP), Operating Procedures Standardized Sanitation (SSOP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Point Control (HACCP).

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Animals, including those intended for food production, have a brain structure that allows them to feel fear and pain in a similar way to humans. This is one of the most important causes of STRESS, which generates lower levels of production and product quality. Therefore, poor handling practices, inadequate facilities, or accidental injuries can generate stress and lead to aggressiveness and handling problems, as well as lower meat quality.


Suffering and stress lead to:

  • Defects and Meat Quality: due to the tension or stress endured by the animals, causing their half-carcasses to present defects such as:
      1. PSE meat (pale, soft, and exudative).
      2. DFD meat (dry, firm, and dark).
  • Bruises or wounds caused by trampling and crushing among animals, which are an important cause of seizure. Inadequate transportation and mistreatment prior to slaughter cause hematomas that may require the removal of pieces of meat, resulting in a loss of weight. In addition, the color, pH, and water-holding capacity of the meat may also be affected. These injuries not only imply a poor appearance and a deterioration of commercial value, but they are also a source of contamination, as blood is a suitable medium for microbial growth.

Proper farm management and animal welfare

The term Animal Welfare designates “the way in which an animal copes with the conditions of its environment, which is in good welfare conditions if (as indicated by scientific evidence) it is healthy, comfortable, well-fed, safe, can express its innate forms of behavior, and does not experience unpleasant sensations of pain, fear or distress”.

Animal Welfare represents the way in which an animal copes with the conditions of its environment, considering that it is in welfare conditions if it can experience the 5 FREEDOMS:

  • Free from hunger or thirst, with access to fresh water and a diet to maintain health.
  • Free to develop in an appropriate environment.
  • Freedom to express normal behavior, providing sufficient space.
  • Free from pain, injury or disease through prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment.
  • Free from fear and distress, ensuring conditions that prevent mental suffering.


Frigorífico Gral Las Heras considers traceability as one of its main pillars in food safety because it allows linking each and every stage of the production process. The high demands of the current global market today require the insertion of edible products that can be traced back to their place of origin. Traceability equals food transparency. The troop numbers, production dates, classification, cards on half carcasses, identification on quarters, identification on each cut, and finally in boxes. This procedure allows tracking the entire cycle I, II, and III process with just one scan.


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